If you see these signs, RUN!, she is faking love

faking love

Faking love is bad and fake love hurts but getting fooled by a pretending lady when you have given you all can give you a bad experience. Love is blind hence many men are unable to tell if she is faking love.

How to know if a woman likes or loves you back is an act, skills, and social science that needs to be mastered by every man who is serious with dating and loving his lady

FQAs: What are the signs that show she is faking love?

Another way to effectively answer this is to know if a woman likes or loves you truly.

Through history and relationships and studying of all species on earth, it has been obvious males very often initiate mating, and women on the other end have the option of saying yes or no to the request thus the right to accept or reject those advances lies in the power of the woman.

That said when a lady is in love with a man, he must be able to read it from the signals and energy around. 


 faking love



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FQAs: What are the 11 signs that show a woman truly loves a man? 

  •  A woman who truly loves a man will often smile him. This does not imply that every smile even by a strange means she loves you. The man must be able to tell if the smiles are becoming “unnecessary” 
  • lady in love with a man can not keep her eye away from him,. She will always when giving the opportunity to shoot short glances at him
  • However, while shooting an eye becomes her hobby, she is kind of shy and will frequently dart her eyes away the moment you look in her direction. Very often when your eyes cross during that, you both know what it kind of means.   
  • When she is tired darting, she may decide to win your attention by making prolonged eye contact with you during conversations. She would often keep looking right in your eyes whiles smiling in the process. 
  • lady in love with you would sometimes keep running fingers through her hair when you are around. This is involuntary and she may not even be aware she is communicating to you. 
  • Well, for some ladies, they may lick her lips endlessly 
  • When in love with you, she may also expose her neck. This gesture is a courtship signal and shows the woman trusts you and therefore she is not scared to display a defenseless part of her body to you. 
  • Tilting her heads towards you is another great signal that she is not only interested in you but also indicates she enjoys your company and conversations.
  • If she turning in her seat towards you or wants to sit on your lap is means she is submitting to you her body because she trusts and respects you.
  • Light touching on the arm or shoulder by a woman shows that she is attracted to you and looks forward to you making the necessary move for the relationship. 
  • If you find the woman you are with caressing an object in her hands it is to tell you that, man, I find you attractive. This is done unconsciously 

If you are in a relationship as a guy and you do not see these signs often. You might just be with someone whose heart is with another person or she is not interested in you. She just might not be the missing rib you are looking for. 


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