Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony


This write-up titled “Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony” is to help students write good speeches for their graduation.

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Today, the class of 2021 graduating from Kollen College can look back at how far they have come. We are excited to be celebrating our successes after four years of learning.

This year’s graduation ceremony brings down the curtain on the tough journey in this school where we pursued our dream diplomas and degrees.

We feel proud to have gone through intensive training here and I am personally excited to have been adjudged the best graduating student in the midst of all the Coivd-19 stress and online tuition.

With our foreign students also studying with us in Kollen College, the competition would have been less competitive. They made the competition even more challenging and an experience for us all.

My English speaking and francophone students who are graduating today, we can say we are excited to have received our professional and academic training for various certificates in Kollen College.

The journey has not been easy, the stress, assignments, and preparing for examinations come with their own pressure.

Some of us felt like giving up, but we kept going and our lecturers kept challenging us.

Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Today, we can be proud of the efforts of our parents and guardians who thought it wise to bring us to Kollen College.

As we graduate and possibly go back to our various countries, we know that we have been empowered to be very useful to our countries and places of work.

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We are graduating as proud ambassadors of Kollen College. The knowledge we have acquired, the training received and experiences here on campus have helped us acquire important competencies and capabilities such as the ability to communicate in English, presentation and analytical skills, and others which will put us above the competition in the world of work.

On behalf of my colleagues and on my own behalf, we say a very big thank you to the founder, leadership of the school, and all lecturers.

I can say that we made a good choice to come to Kollen College for our education. The journey for me as a student has not been easy. Before I gained admission into the college, I had lost hope because; I had no one to take care of my fees. I was certain that, even if I gain admission, there was no way I could pay my fees since I have no one to support me.

I give thanks to my friend Serafine, who shared my story with her parents, who invited me over. Today, if I am graduating as the best student, I owe it to them for their belief in me.

This Best Graduating Student Speech is to celebrate us all especially those who supported my education and fee payments here in Kollen college.

Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony
Best Graduating Student Speech at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Daddy and Mummy as I call them challenged me to give off my best and that they will always be by my side if I continue to work hard. I am happy my efforts and more importantly, their sacrifices have been rewarded today as I present this Best Graduating Student Speech.

I can look back and say thank you. To the entire school, how can I forget your support on campus, the tough moments we faced as students, and your contribution which made today what it is.

My colleagues graduating with me have their own stories to tell. But as we move on and out of this college,  challenge us all to go out there and shine. Today’s celebrations, this Best Graduating Student Speech will useless if we fail to become the big stories the school wants to hear about our success.

I am stepping out motivated, my brothers and sisters, let us step out and shine in the world of work, and in the universities, we may find ourselves in after here.

Well done to us all, my fellow graduands, let us go out, shine and be true ambassadors of Kollen College. Thank you and May God Bless us all.

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