Reasons Why There Will Be No School Placement For Some 2020 BECE Graduates

No School Placement for some 2020 BECE graduates

School Placement for some 2020 BECE graduates will not be possible. There is no cut-off point for placement into SHS but 2020 BECE graduates who will not be placed in Senior High Schools must be told the truth in the face.

2020 BECE graduates are waiting anxiously to be placed into various secondary schools they choose during the school selection phase for BECE 2020.

Although the results of the BECE 2020 have been released by the West African Examination Council, the Ghana Education Service is yet to release the school placement for SHS 1 students.

No School Placement for some 2020 BECE graduates

Reasons, why some BECE graduates will not be placed.

Below are the group of students who will not be placed in any SHS when the school placements are out.

1. Students with grade 9 in Mathematics and or Integrated Science

Although there is no cutoff point for placing students into various secondary schools in Ghana, it is also true that all students who obtain Grade 9 in Mathematics and or Integrated Science will not be placed in any school. Should any student obtain grade 9 in Mathematics and or Integrated Science, the school placement system will reject the candidate outright. This means no, automatic placement and no self placement. For such students, the best options include going to sit for the BECE for private candidates. If they make good grades of at worse grade 8 in the said subjects then they can apply for the 2021 school placement after the 2021 BECE examination.

No School Placement for some 2020 BECE graduates

2. Again, BECE graduates whose results have been cancelled

At the end of the BECE and after WAEC released the results, it cancelled the total results of some candidates for engaging in all manner of examination malpractices. The students in this category will not be placed because once their results have been cancelled it means they failed the exams and do not have any academic record to merit placement into any secondary school. Students who were caught in possession of mobile phones in the examination hall had their results cancelled.

This is a sad situation for such candidates however, the GES and WAEC must explain the options available to such candidates. If they are permitted to take the private BECE slated for May 2021, then that will offer them a new window of opportunity to prepare, take the exams and gain admission into a Senior High School to enjoy the Free SHS. In the absence of anything like this, their education may have ended by the punitive action taken by WAEC against them.

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3. Students whose results have been withheld

There are students who have one or more subject results withheld by the West African Examination Council pending the completion of WAEC’s investigations for alleged examination malpractices. For these students, if WAEC does not complete its investigations before the placements are out and if WAEC’s investigations show that, they cheated in the examination, then their results for the subjects in question will be cancelled. This means they may not get a full result for their BECE and so cannot be placed in any school. Again for these candidates, they will have to take the tough road of rewriting the various subjects that have been cancelled. However, for those whose results will be released by WAEC and free from any form of cancellation by the examining body will get the opportunity to be placed in a secondary school during the school placement for 2020.

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When will the 2020 BECE school placements be released?

The Ghana Education Service is yet to make any dates public on the matter. The school placements are expected to be released not long after the GES reopens schools for Senior High School students in SHS2 and SHS3. Often school reopens before the placements are released. Hence although the date for the release of the 2020 school placement is not out, students can be sure that once schools reopen, the placements will be released.

What are the types of school placement to expect?

In Ghana, there are three types of Secondary school placement after each year’s BECE. They are the protocol school placement, the automatic school placement, and the self placement.

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