Nana Addo doesn’t deserve Free SHS students VOTES

Nana Addo doesn't deserve Free SHS students "THANK YOU VOTES"

From all indications, Ghana’s decision to go ahead with the WASSCE is beyond logic and common sense The Free SHS has been a scam and in shambles.

Students have gotten less time to be in school. The SHS has had students have less time to study. Students in KNUST SHS have also tagged Nana Addo’s over-hyped SHS as a big scam and a 419.

For the NPP to think that these students are dumb and will vote for the NPP is to fool one’s self.

These students have been put in harm’s way. Parents whose children have enjoyed this traffic light infested Free SHS are annoyed by the government’s decision to reopen schools.

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Attempts by the EC to register students while on campus is a nonstarter. Such a move should be backed by law because the secondary schools are not polling stations. The SHS students will also likely cast their votes at home.

The EC has indicated that there will be no transferring of votes. How then will students who register at home or complete their SHS programs make it back to school to exercise their voting rights?

This same government has caused parents to spend more on secondary education as they pay more for extra tuition because of the short period students spend in school.

Ghanaians cannot be fooled by this scam of the highest order and attempts to twist the hands of electorates. Let your works speak for you, don’t speak for them.

Nana Addo has lost it, he has lost the favour of God and the veil has been removed from this clueless government.

The Nana Addo government want to have students write the WASSCE so he could use it for his political campaign. Free SHS students will not sell their conscience that cheap.

Already students have started contracting COVID-19, teachers and their families are getting hit by the disease, the minister of education just recovered and the Director-General has been hospitalized.

Leadership is a skill, social science, and a know-how that must be learned and practiced with all sincerity. The current leaders of this nation have little to none of these.

Whiles other nations such as Nigeria and Kenya have halted educational activities to protect its citizens, the government of Ghana has decided to risk the lives of Ghanaians.

When Godly men seek council from God, they receive divine solutions.

The students are better off and safer without exposing them to COVID-19 to satiate the political ambition of a stubborn Pharaoh who will not let the people of God go.

Sadly there Ghanaians who see nothing wrong with this because they have lost their true self and objective reasoning to political decisions and choices. For these people, every action of this current government is applauded without critically analyzing it.

The Voters register being compiled by the EC is another area of concern. We are beginning to see the wisdom of the NDC in calling for limited registration of electorates.

For the neutrals, this should have been shelved however, the supreme court ruling went the opposite.

Ghana is lacking leadership, failing to apply safety first measures and the voice of the masses is thrown through the windows to arrive at nearly every critical decision.

Do not make a mistake and be carried away by the Free SHS, because the poor quality and limited time of being in school and being rushed through your course will show at the tertiary level of many of you. The probability of going to write the remedial is very high and also not gaining admission to the universities is high due to the numbers.

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