“But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.” (Deut. 18:20)

Many analysis have been done as to who becomes the next president of the republic of Ghana coming December 7th poll. Here in Ghana, it’s more likely no news to wake up during this election season to hear of prophetic prophecies claiming one of the aspirants to be victorious in the upcoming elections.

For so many years and for so many reasons, prophets or simply put men of God have taken a twist in Ghanaian political affairs. We will more likely expect men of God to have nothing to do with politics in terms of campaigning or endorsing a political party. What most of us expect from them is to preach peace and nothing else. Endorsing a political party or publicly “voicing out the winner” as a prophet even before the election takes place with the ideology that God has revealed it to you, may sound bizarre.

For the first time in the 4th Republic, a prophet has been cleared to contest for the presidency seat in the 2020 elections. It is alleged that Osofo Kyir Abosom as he is popularly referred to as, claims that God has chosen him to contest for this year’s election to rescue Ghanaians from the bondage they’ve been going through since the existence of NDC and NPP. This may sound like the story of the Israelites when they were held as captives in the land of the Egyptians. Well, one cannot argue with him on that since he had a one on one call with God not a conference call involving others. His call to contest for this year’s presidency has been welcomed by one renowned prophet within this country, Angel Obinim, who has been seen talk so much about his colleague at his place of worship.

Even as of now, series of prophecies have popped up with regards to who takes up the mantle as president in the 2020 elections.

In a viral video, one prophet Badu Kobi claims the greatest opposition party flag bearer will win the 2020 elections. He mentioned this while ministering in a Sunday church service. He also said, and I quote, “President Akufo-Addo, go and rest because of your health”. After all, he is a prophet and the law of the land does not restrict him as to what he should speak of or how he should say it.

Prophet T.B Joshua of Emmanuel Ministries, a renowned Nigerian prophet, who is alleged to have prophesied on Ghana’s upcoming elections naming a particular flag bearer to be victorious has openly rendered this accusation as false on his ministry’s Facebook page.

This clearly lays the fact that, there is the likelihood that one may spread false information of a prophet declaring a particular party victorious.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie of Hill Ministries has also added his voice to the December elections. According to him, Ghana will have its first female vice president coming December polls. This revelation from the prophet went viral on social media after the leader of the largest opposition party in Ghana, the NDC, selected a female, Professor Naana Opoku Agyemang, to be his running mate.

Her selection as the running mate has been endorsed by many women since she’s the first woman to be selected as a running mate for a major political opposition party in Ghana.

Different policies coming from different prophets. One may ask if it is not the same God speaking to them. If indeed it is the same God then why the difference in prophecies. One goes in favour of the NDC while others go in favour of the ruling party, NPP.

Most of these prophecies witnessed in the previous and present elections are of Christian background. What has the Islamic and traditional communities got to say about this? They also prophesy in their various places of worship or it is just that they’ve decided to stay away from politics.

One of the major religious peace campaigners in Ghana is the national chief imam, Osman Nuhu Sharubutu. He has been very influential in his quest to contribute to peace in this country which the Islamic communities are very proud of.

Ghana is known to be a very religious nation. The question is, will these prophecies have an influence in the outcome of the elections or not?

Everyone and his or her opinion about prophecies. Others may disregard these prophecies and vote for whom they prefer while others may vote on the basis that, if God has elected this aspirant then who am I to vote against that.

Many believe these prophecies may have nothing to do with the turnout of the elections since electorates have already made up their mind.

But most importantly, religious leaders should stick to peace campaign. In all this, I definitely think the power is in our hands as electorates.

No matter who wins the 2020 elections, let’s always put Ghana first.


By Nana Afful Sagoe


Writer’s Bio

Nana Afful Sagoe was born in Beyin in the Western Region of Ghana. He had his basic education at Prestea Goldfields School in the Western Region and his secondary education at Mfantsipim School in the Central Region. He is currently a final year student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and he offers BA. Economics.

Nana was born to Mr. Prince Philip Sagoe, a businessman, and Mrs. Eunice Muah Amihere, a teacher. He is the second child among three boys. He is God fearing and he worships with the Methodist Church.

NAS, as he is mostly called by his peers has a keen interest in politics, finance and sports.  He also enjoys to research in his leisure time.

His favourite quote is, “Whether you win or lose, raise your collar high, raise your moustache to show courage.”


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