COVID 19 – Is Ghana Safe?


COVID 19 as we all know is a pandemic disease caused by a virus called, coronavirus. It affects the respiratory system of the body when the virus gets into the body. It is spread by coming into contact with an infected person or coming into contact with an infected person’s fluid. Some of its symptoms are severe cough, sneezing, difficulty in breathing among others. This disease is known to be a very deadly disease generated from China and has now spread across the world. A permanent cure has not been found yet but health officials and scientists are searching for one. This disease has caused a lot of damage to the economic, religious, health, social status of the countries it has affected.

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Ghana is one of the countries affected by the disease. It started with two people getting infected and now, over 23,000 people have been infected, with a lot of recoveries and few deaths. The government is assuring us the citizens of the country that everything is going to be fine but the truth is, is Ghana safe as a country in terms of COVID 19?


When COVID 19 entered the country, the government told the citizens that everything was going to be okay and things would go back to its normal state, and till now that things are still not getting better, the same thing is being repeated. So should we believe that things are going to get better looking at the current situation, or should we panic? The reason why this question is being asked is that the situation seems to get worse as each day passes by and more cases are being recorded. Not only that, but our way of living too has also changed totally and our situation is going from bad to worse. Some of us even wonder if the government is really giving us honest updates about the situation of the disease in the country?

Let’s first look at our economic situation now upon the arrival of the disease. To speak the truth, our economic situation as a country has not been that good even before the arrival of the disease but now that the disease is here, things have moved from bad to worse. Businesses are collapsing, people are losing their jobs, salaries are not been paid on time because of the slow market force brought by the disease and on top of everything, revenue is being generated inadequately. Even though the government is doing its part to stabilize the economy, it is still not working. Let’s look at this if those who have jobs are losing their jobs, what about the unemployed ones? That is also something that should be given much thought to which is the more reason why the economy is really going bad.

After taking a look at how the disease is affecting the economic system of the country, let us move on to the social system of the country. Now people cannot go out and have fun like they used to due to the scare of possibly contracting the disease, due to large crowding. Now, most people have become indoor freaks and cannot go anywhere not even their friends’ places. People are really getting bored staying at home all the time. Even students are beginning to miss school more than the home. It is like everything social has been put to a halt in order to prevent the disease from spreading but it rather spreads and keeps getting worse. Even musicians cannot have concerts any longer.

The government keeps saying things are getting better but we keep getting surprise cases every time. It is like we are not being fully updated on the situation of the case and the government is hiding stuff from us in order not to frighten us or cause any panic but the truth is we are already panicking at the way the government is handling the situation. The government should just be fully honest with us the concerned citizens and stop turning the situation into a political issue because we care about the wellbeing of the country as a whole and our lives are at risk here not the government or any political party.

The disease is still out there so we all are advised to adhere to the safety precautions like washing hands regularly with soap and water, using hand sanitizers often, wearing nose masks when in public, and observing the social distancing protocol. In all, we still hope and pray that everything will soon be over and we will have our normal lives back.





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