Covid-19: Maharashtra record 5,493 as Mumbai’s count crosses 75k

Mumbai Covid-19 cases

Covid-19 keep ravaging the world and I have recorded reports from Maharashtra show in Mumbai. The total case count has crossed the 75k mark. 

Updates on Mumbai Covid-19 cases

Mumbai’s positive cases now stand at  70,607 while a total of 86,575. patients have been discharged so far.  The capital city of India has remained the highest contributor to the total case count of the state which has a total of 1,64,626 cases. 

The death toll also continues to rise as 23 new deaths have been reported today in Mumbai alone. This adds up to 4371 deaths, 28006  active COVID-19 cases, and 43154 patients recoveries.

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Thane is another city that is becoming a hot spot for COVID-19 cases in India as it currently has 19076 active cases but a total of  14335 recoveries. Thane in the last 48 hours has recorded 156 deaths with 60 of them occurring in the last 48 hours.

While the mortality rate is 4.51% in Mumbai, its recovery rate stands at 52.59%.

It is expected that the  5,70,475 who are undergoing home quarantine and the 37,350 quarantined in health facilities will recover from the coronavirus.

Indian’s COVID-19 test is very high due to its population size and its sampling of the citizens’ approach to testing. 

Some  923502 laboratory samples have been tested so far with 1,64,626 positive cases been recorded.

This represents (17.82%) for the COVID-19 infection rate.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in India, authorities have put in place the important safety protocols to ensure the spread of the disease is controlled

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How Mumbai Covid-19 cases are being delt with

Health workers in the country have worked in communities by taking samples from the population and testing them.

This ensures testing, detection, and treatment is carried to the people. 

Thus no waiting for people to report to the health facilities ill.

This has been one of the best methods across the world to help stop community spread.

Until a vaccine is found, people around the world must learn to leave with but avoid contracting coronavirus

The world’s count of cases now stands at 10,174,277  with  502,856 deaths and 5,510,653 recoveries according to worldometers.

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