5 Exclusive Traits of Poor Quality Nurses

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Poor quality nurses are not difficult to notice is you have encountered one in your life. You can be sure not to be safer in a health facility if you can spot poor quality nurses before it too late.  The exclusive traits of poor quality nurses shared here are based on people’s experiences, health experts, and my encounter with some of these health workers. 

The nursing profession in Ghana is under surge by young men and women who should not come close to any patient let alone be given the sole responsibility to offer nursing care.

At best, many of them are a threat to our safety if we come into contact with them upon visiting a health facility. When the public fill

The Ridge Hospital has reduced to a slaughterhouse and the main cause of this is the negligence of a nurse, then we are at risk of dying as a result of avoidable errors and not the health problem that took us there. 

However, we all want to be taken care of by nurses that have certain traits and characteristics. If you get to a health facility, the following traits should tell you who is likely to qualify as a good or bad nurse. What are the factors that can contribute to poor quality nurses? 

5 Exclusive Traits of Bad Ghanaian Nurses

1. Educational background

Poor educational background of some students who gain admission to the nursing training colleges is a course of worry.

While some graduate with improved results, others never.

Education is expected to add value to our likes and help us acquire skills and professions to become useful to society.

Unfortunately, some nurses who graduate do not know their profession and calling inside out.

Such half bakes professionals mess us the good works of others.  Looking for a bad Ghanaian nurses? Start from their grades. 

Why should general arts students and home economics students be trained as nurses? Why not leave that to science students? 

2. Chasing fat salaries not passion is the focus

Another big and worrying issue is that many Ghanaian nurses and students under training decided to do nursing because of the job security and the salary that comes with it. How true is this as a yardstick for determining poor quality nurses?

The passion is dead, the calling is absent hence the errors they will commit are great. This affects the seriousness they attach to the work.

3. Poor work ethics and culture

Poor work ethics and the culture of a nurse should be a worry to every patient. Some nurses are very wicked and will not bother to turn to a patient. Many of those in this category do not have the traits of Florence Nightingale. They lack empathy for the sick and are self-centered when patients need treatment and care. You will agree poor quality nurses have a bad attitude toward work and patients. 

4. Careless attitude

If you are put under the care of a nurse who is careless, and not time conscious you can be sure your life is of no value to them. Some have overtime loss touch with the reality that they have people’s lives entrusted to them. For some, they have seen people die to often that, they don’t care if you die. Such nurses do not have self-awareness and the environment they work in. 


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The bad customer care is enough to put the hazard light on. Some of these bad nurses easily frustrate clients and those who bring the sick to the health facility. Over time, patients who have come into contact with such health workers will start complaining. 

Another sign that a nurse is a bad one is when he or she always thinks and feels “I know it all”, I know my work”. Such nurses never learn and will hurt you rather than helping you to get well. They do not like to learn from their seniors or observe or take advice. If the nurse is a senior officer, he or she also feels the juniors cannot advise or make suggestions. 

If you are a nurse or a health worker who is reading this, note that laziness,  resistance to learning, arrogance, and selfishness make you a bad nurse. Such nurses would hardly complete their rounds. Bad nurses delay in performing assigned tasks and in the end, it is the patient who suffers. Patients will agree that poor quality nurses fit into this description so well.

5. Mean spirited and uncaring 

Poor quality nurses compromise quality of service and negatively impact the profession and the health facility.  Another worse characteristic of a bad nurse is mean spirit and uncaring attitude. Such a health worker may end up being sarcastic with every response given to a patient. If your personality as a health worker include being overly sarcastic, having a caustic personality, and pretending to know things when you do not. You are a threat to the sick that are left in your care. 

We all want to have nurses who feel very good about being given the chance to health cure the sick, we love caring nurses that C and are ready to learn on the job and give off their best in the treatment of patients. 



Nurses are to treat the mind, body, and spirit of the patient. If the nurse under whose care you have been placed in neglecting one of these, alas, you have encountered a bad nurse. 


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