Stop Voter Registration Exercise -Health Professionals To EC

Pause the mass registration or you will be remembered as a leader who allowed the loss of multiple lives.


The surge in new COVID-19 cases and mortalities resulting from the mass voters’ registration exercise, has triggered concerns from health practitioners in Ghana. It looks like this is the second formal concern from health professionals to Mrs. Jean Mensah, but fallen on death ears.

In an effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus, 220 health professionals have sent a second open letter to Ghana’s electoral commission. According to the concerned health professionals, they have noted the utter disregard for precautionary protocols intended to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in and around all registration centres.


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They revealed that the ongoing registration an increasing number of infections coupled with challenges in testing for early identification of cases. This is because huge numbers of people at and around registration centres are ignoring all safety protocols. In the letter, they stated that people with full knowledge that they have positive status are visiting registration centres and risking public health and safety.

These and many more other reasons make it unconscionable that the electoral commission is ignoring all cautions and still proceeding with the exercise. The health professionals warned the electoral commission that, the capacity of the isolation and holding centres have been stretched beyond limits and currently there is no space anymore. Hundreds of healthcare workers have been infected so far which is worrying.

According to the health professionals, they are by this letter appealing to Mrs. Jean Mensah to pause this mass registration exercise until the electoral commission comes up with a safer way of going about this registration. The group has given Mrs. Jean Mensah two options to choose from. They are:

1.  Pause the mass registration, figure out safer ways of carrying it out and prevent Ghana from suffering potentially thousands of deaths or

2.   Continue with the exercise in this and be remembered by posterity as a leader who supervised an exercise that allowed for the loss of multiple lives.

It is about time our leaders and politicians start valuing our lives over their votes and power. Carrying out this mass registration in this pandemic is a massacre.

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