Motivation: Don’t give up on that goal

Don't give up on that goal

Don’t give up on that goal, yes, do not.

You are fighting an uphill battle that is draining you yet, you cannot give up now.

Just as the battle is painful and hurts, the fruits of victory are excellent and great.

Sometimes such battles stagnate you and you realize you are getting nowhere.

Efforts with a purpose must guide the mind from the negative energy that disrupts.

Thee mindset of winning the battle must be your guide and keep trying.

Motivation gives inspiration: You survived as sperm, get to winning ways now


Don’t give up on that goal.

Drive all the positive and negative thoughts to your advantage.

The fear of failing and the belief that you will be greeted with success in your efforts so keep pushing.

This is the moment to be strong. Do not blink an eye and consider giving up.

No! Success may be a door away, an effort away, a try away, and a chance away.

Your hard work deserves a reward, and it is at the end of the journey, not in the middle.

Cross the finish line and come tell the success story.

Motivation: Kill that inferior mindset before it destroys you


Don't give up on that goal

Don’t give up on that goal.

Victory wipes away the tears.

Success makes us forget the challenges we met along the way, achieving makes all the pain worthwhile.

Don’t delay the success any longer, just keep going.

Only losers quit and you are not one.

Quit now and all the hard work would have been in vain.

Stick in there and finish this one battle already won.

Yes, let the winning mentality keep you going.


Don’t give up on that goal.

If the pain is high, if the stress is intense, if the work seems difficult, purpose in your mind to win it.

Scream if you have to, shout if it is needed, cry if you want to but keep the mind focused.

No pain, no gain. Tell your inner self…  No matter how bad the going is.

No matter how bad it gets. No matter how hopeless it may look, I will make it.

What is victory without struggles or success without pain?

Get out there out of the comfort zone and impact our world with another success.

Victory and success await you as your turn giving up into going for it.

Don’t give up on that goal. Opera Winfrey did not give up after failing, dare to rise again

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