Motivation gives inspiration: You survived as sperm, get to winning ways now

Motivation gives inspiration

Motivation gives inspiration but determination and I can do it mentality helps anyone who dearly desires success to keep pushing themselves.

On the day your life began, millions of sperms struggled to fertilize the single egg available.

What a competition that was yet, you made it. 

That was your first challenge to your very existence today.

You have the world to explore opportunities to grab, stories to tell, and inspiration to share.

The challenges you face are to help you discover your inner strength.

Just when you feel you have had enough of losing, just step forward one more time.

Past failures should motivate you more.


Motivation gives inspiration the chance to ignite your inner strength, creativity, and courage.

Past successes should remind you of the joy that awaits another victory.

I have seen many give up right at the time they had to just push a little harder.

No one discovers without uncovering.

No one is celebrated for failing.

You will never be a hero or a shero without winning over your struggles.

You will never be molded into a red hot and well-refined gold without going through the furnace.

The struggles are the furnace in which every effort is made a living testimony of your success story.

Get burnt if you must cook well. Success goes beyond luck. It is a mindset. 

The winning mentality must never be drained of efforts and inspiration.

Losers do not get the chance to share a success story.

If you intend to be a loser, fold your arms, do nothing and let the time, resources, efforts, and dreams go waste. 

If your dreams get tagged as “Gone too soon” your success story will never be written.

Should you fail to ignite the inner motivation and self-belief and challenge the lazy you to become the hardworking you.

We will remember you for nothing but a person with a faint heart, a reckless hope, a failed sperm, and a good for nothing.


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Motivation gives inspiration to all who want to impact the world.

A life without success is like smoke without no destination

You were not born to be a cloud of smoke that disappears.

You were born to be fire and a good servant for that matter that unveils and represents hard work and success.

Don’t destroy the dream but nurture it, Never give up on your self, but look up to yourself and all who await the success story.


Motivation gives inspiration to those who want to rise to the occasion again.

Light up the mind and chest out to face the challenge.

Start believing now if you have been down.

Get up unto your feet if you have given up.

Dust your self if you have fallen.

Open that door if you have been shut in the mindset of fear and failure

Yes, you can, you are the true meaning of I can do it, if you get up and start all over.

You need the I can not do it mentality and not I can’t do it.

Positive energy drives positive outcomes.

Face your fears, shame your haters.

Give it another effort and try.

Believe you can and don’t stop trying for your success is just a try away.

Don’t give up on that dream, the world awaits its fruits. 


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