COVID 19 has caused a lot of harm to people, societies, nations, and states. Those who get infected by the virus and end up having the disease, face a lot of problems and difficulties brought by the disease. Some of these problems are the weakening of the body systems, loss of the strength to work and carry out daily activities which lead to loss of income, and the possibility of facing death. As if those problems are not enough those infected with the disease have to go through the trauma of stigmatization.


When one is infected with the virus and gets the disease, the person is seen as an outcast and threat to the society or country as a whole which is not true. When one gets the disease, it doesn’t make that person a monster. It is not his or her fault for getting infected so the last thing he or she needs is stigma form people. He or she needs all the love, care, and motivation he or she can get from loved ones and other people. Social stigma has a lot of negative effects and if those infected with the virus are to go through it on top of all the other problems, I don’t think they will be able to survive or get the courage to fight the disease. That is not the only effect, there are a lot and the following are some of the negative effects of stigmatization on COVID 19 patients and the general public or the country as a whole;

If a COVID 19 patient goes through stigmatization, he or she will feel depressed and not wanted. This depletes the chances of he or she getting better because he or she knows that even if he or she gets better, he or she would still go through rejection and stigmatization from a lot of people because it is believed that the person is a product of the disease. They are also tagged and made to feel miserable. It even goes to the extent that they are made to feel like social misfits which are very bad and can also increase the chances of committing suicide.

Due to fear stigmatization, those who get infected with the virus fear to come out and make their condition public. They rather keep their condition a secrete and endure the pain alone. A lot of people and even ministers who get infected with the virus would rather stay with the disease secretly and mingle with the public like normal people. This increases the risk of the disease spreading drastically and lives being lost anyhow.

Even now because of stigma, innocent people lose their lives for no reason due to the fact of not receiving help when needed. A perfect example is the case of the student who died on school grounds due to the fact of receiving no help from the teachers who were around and aware of his situation. The boy was suffering from an asthma attack but received no help because the teachers thought he was suffering from COVID 19. This was a very sad and painful situation that could have been prevented from happening.

Those who get infected with the virus do not need stigma from the public instead they need all the encouragement, love, and support they can get from the public and loved ones. Let’s stop the stigma and try our possible best to show love, support, and care to COVID 19 patients because they need it very much. Instead of stigmatizing let’s just hope for quick recovery and good health for them. This will go a long way to building a better Ghana. Please stop the stigma and hope for the better. You just think of this WHY THE STIGMA?


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