MUSIC is the rhythmic soul of man

MUSIC is soul

Have you ever wondered why there is a saying that goes “music is soul”? Indeed music is the soul of man but not in a literal context. Music is said to be ‘”soul” because it comes with a lot of benefits, be it economically, spiritually, physically, psychologically, and even emotionally. Let’s break this down and look at the benefits of music, in the various categories as mentioned above.🎶🎵🎧📯🎹


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Benefits of MUSIC


Many people who are rich in the world, made their wealth through music. Speaking of Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Sarkodie, Post Malone, Burna Boy, and a whole lot, made their money through music. They did this by recording their sweet voices in a recording studio, modifying the recordings to bring out a great masterpiece by adding rhythm and melody, and then, putting it out to the world for music lovers and listeners to buy, which makes them generate revenue.


There is a saying that goes “music heals the soul” which is true. Most gospel and inspirational music, help a lot to revive the soul or strengthen the spirit of man. This is because they contain great lyrics and good content which help to empower the spirit of man. Songs like “Testimony”  by Ada and “I Believe” by Diana Hamilton contain great content and melody that helps to strengthen one’s spirit.


Music helps one to stay physically fit. Music does not make one physically fit but daily workouts or physical exercises become easier and fun through music. Jams like “level up” by Ciara help make physical exercise more interesting. It makes you want to do more and go with the flow. It is true one can exercise perfectly without music but it is very bearing to exercise raw so the music makes the atmosphere more vibrant and lively to exercise.


Some music was made to help those with mental challenges recover from their state. These types of music contain some rhythms and melodies which helps the mind to be at ease and relaxed. This helps the mentally disabled person to stay calm at all times which leads to a quick recovery. A perfect example of songs with psychological effects is Beethoven’s songs.


Music does a lot of magic to emotions. It can make one feel happy, sad, anxious, angry, and even motivated. Music can also change emotions like making a sad fellow feel delighted after listening. Songs like “Thank u, next” by Ariana Grande, “Everything I wanted” by Bille Eilish and a whole lot, arouses or changes people’s emotions after listening to them. Most songs made by musicians have emotional attachments in one way or the other.

These are the benefits of music which makes it the “soul of man”. To add up, music is an art that comes with a lot of goodwill and bad wills too, but all in all, music adds up to what makes the soul of a man.

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