Auditor General challenges strange leave directive

The auditor general of Ghana, Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo

The Auditor General of Ghana, Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo, who was instructed by President Akuffo Addo to proceed on 123 working days accumulated leave, has challenged the president on that directive.


Facts from the Auditor General  in his reply to the President

According to a replied letter from the Auditor General to the President Akuffo Addo, his knowledge of recent labour law and practice in Ghana is that no worker is deemed to have accumulated any leave on account of their failure to enjoy their right to annual leave, which the law guarantees for their benefit, not the employer.

He furthered explained that in any given year, any worker who fails to take their annual leave, such leave is deemed forfeited without the employer forcing the worker to take their leave.

The auditor general of Ghana, Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo
Auditor General of Ghana, Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo


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Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo revealed that several appointees of the president have not since the year 2017 taken their annual leave to date so why has he been asked to take his leave.

According to the auditor, he is supposed to inspect the documents or evidence of work in the Kroll and Associates Vrs the Auditor General, which is currently at the supreme court and proceeding on leave will adversely affect the case.

He requested that the president should allow him to do his work to mother Ghana.


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This situation has raised a lot of concerns from Ghanaians, does it means that President Akuffo Addo has wrongly paid money to Kroll and Associates like the way Atta-Mills paid money to Woyome, that’s why he is forcing the auditor general to proceed on compulsory leave.

It seems the auditor general is teaching President Akuffo Addo labour labour.

The question baffling many others is that, is it the work of the president to ask appointees to proceed on mandatory leave?

Also, some are of the view that President Akufo is using the presidency as an avenue of settling personal scores.

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