New voters register challenges in Tema

Voters register

The 2020 voters register been compiled by the electoral commission has been hit by hitches with every registration center having its own share of peculiar problems.

Voters Registration which started in Tema Community two on Tuesday the 30th of June, 2020 has not been an exception.

Registrants were divided into two groups, those potential applicants who had the National ID cards and those who did not.


Voters register and protocol registrations

The exercise went smooth with those with the National ID cards have close no challenges, however, these things did not go well with the other badge,

Some registrants complained of protocol registrations practices introduced by EC officials and their accomplices where people who came later were allowed to go through the time-consuming registration head of those who had reported earlier at the registration centers. These protocol applicants left leaving those who had arrived earlier still in the queue.

Some of these persons joined the queues as early as 1 am, some also claimed to have slept at the registration center over just so as to get their cards early.

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As of Wednesday the 1st of July 2020 some registrants claimed to have queued from Tuesday and still did not have their cards because there were no measures put in place to attend to those who were in the queue the day before when the EC officials closed.

Voters register and safety protocols

Hence these individuals had to join the queue all over again which created confusion at the polling stations. 

Social distancing and wearing of facemasks was one rule the registrants did not adhere to. A lot of applicants reporting to the registration centers were not adhering to social distancing protocols in any way making organizing them difficult since they were not willing to comply.


COVID-19 contact tracing amid registration 

Later in the day a man whose name has not yet been released and was said to have had contact with Hon. Carlos  Kingsley Ahinkorah was picked up for quarantine.

He was captured through contact tracing and taken away by the officers assigned for that duty. Contact tracing on this is still ongoing to ensure all personnel who might have come into contact with Hon. Carlos  Kingsley Ahinkorah are identified and picked to ensure they do not infect the community if they have by chance contracted the COVID-19.

The MP and Deputy Minister of Trade was asked to resign from his ministerial role after he had visited polling stations in his constituency instead of self-isolating. 

In videos circulating on social media, he is seen shaking and hugging constituents which was a bad move from a person of his caliber. 

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