2020 Election Update for Ghana


A national election is an exercise in which citizens of a country determine whether to revoke the mandate of the ruling leader and choose another person to rule or renew the mandate of the ruling leader, by voting. In Ghana, the national election takes place every four years after the swearing-in of a new president to office. Only citizens who are eighteen and above and have registered with their voter’s identification card(ID) can vote. During the election year or period, a lot of activities take place before the main election begins.

Before the main election takes place, the electoral commission gives the chance to citizens who are eighteen years and above without a voter’s ID card, to register and get theirs. Again before the main election, the various political parties meet to plan their campaign, elect a flagbearer for the party who would be the representative of the party, and also plan their manifesto. Once again before the main election, activities like rallies and a whole lot take place.


Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, rumors had it that the 2020 elections had been postponed but that is not true. Even if the disease is not gone, the election will still take place but certain activities that take place before the election will have to be adjusted to suit the recent condition. These are some updates on the preparation for the 2020 election.

The electoral commission came up with the compilation of new voters register which started on the 30th of May 2020. The reason according to the electoral commission was that the old voter’s register contained ghost names and that some people used illegal means to register. This brought disagreements from some opposition parties which made the issue a court case but the court ruled in favor of the electoral commission.

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Political parties are electing their flagbearers or representatives for the election. Each representative chooses his or her running mate. The National Patriotic Party(NPP) which is the ruling party chose Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo to be the flagbearer for the party with Dr. Mahamadu Bahomia as his running mate. The National Democratic Congress(NDC) which is the dominant opposition party chose John Dramani Mahama as the flagbearer for the party with Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman as his running mate. The other political parties like the Convention Peoples Party(CPP), Patriotic  Peoples Party(PPP), and the rest have also chosen or are on the process of choosing their flagbearers with their running mates.

Due to the banning of all social gatherings including rallies and campaign sessions brought by the outbreak of the disease, most political parties have decided to go digital and have all their gatherings using websites. Some political parties have also decided to carry out their campaigns using platforms given by television stations, social media, the internet, and even songs. This has made the whole campaign thing a little dull because there will be no social gathering to jam the session up.

These are some recent updates on how the 2020 election is being managed. Even though the disease is still out there it can’t stop the election from taking place because the leaders and concerned citizens are ready to do anything possible to ensure that, the citizens get the opportunity to decide whether to renew or revoke the mandate given to the ruling government and president.


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