African leaders are good at disappointing their people


Cast your eyes across the continent of Africa and you will see one common phenomenon. African Leaders are good at disappointing their people. They promise so much when they know very well that they cannot fulfill them.

Well, it is not entirely their fault. Africans have allowed politicians to take them for granted. An African politician has no shame in promising you to arrest the angels in heaven and make them your slaves if you will believe them and vote for them.

The electorates can not say they are not guilty at fueling the efforts of politicians who do not have the interest of the people at heart. A politician promises free education, yet his appointees migrate their children to America and Europe to get quality education. The children of the poor have no option but to enjoy the supposed free education that is missing the ingredient called quality in all areas.

An African politician promises the people to create decent jobs, comes into power, and tells you, there are no jobs yet, his or her child gets employed by the same government.

A politician fails to create the enabling environment for private business and emerging entrepreneurs to succeed, then goes ahead to lump all banks together, collapse them, and tells you it spent more money to collapse the banks then it would have needed to help ailing banks to survive.

They fail to provide good health facilities that can take care of us all, mess up with the resources of the mass and fly out of the country to seek medical care outside whiles the ordinary people die and suffer.

Where did Africa go wrong? They say all the resources needed are here yet we owe the very nations that have no natural resources like ours. We go to get loans from them and sell our future and that of posterity.

When will Africa look within and shine on her own without being helped to crawl, run, or fly?

When will our youth be empowered to lead our nations? Old men surrounded by criminals cannot offer any good thing sincerely. The old men think the youth are too young to lead.

What a continent where leaders have no leadership training whatever. The days of leaders are born is far gone. All African leaders must learn the rudiment of leading and be educated on it. Leadership can be learned. Let us evolve Africa, let us save the content from destruction. We are destroying Mama Africa by our own selves.

It is clear that African leaders are good at disappointing their people.


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