Ghana-Togo: A person sleeps in Ghana and brushes his teeth in Togo

Ghana-Togo: A person sleeps in Ghana and brushes his teeth in Togo

The above quote is the words of Edem Srem, the Executive Director at 5fifty Documentaries Limited.

Just take a look at the picture below and tell me how easy it is to tell where Tudu ends in Accra, where Madina ends from Adenta, where the town you live in ends before you enter the next community.


Very difficult,  right? That is why a student in Ghana attends school in Toge. Look at the picture showing the border again. Today residents in Kasoa come to Accra every day to work. If that does not prevent them to be part of decision making, what prevents Ghanaians who cross into Togo on a daily basis?


Are the wise men of this nation saying some Togolese or Ghanaians cannot have dual citizenship? Is that not myopic enough?

It seems the ruling NPP is scared of Voltarians when it comes to voting for the NDC, but they feel cool with the Ashanti region.

They see everything wrong with Ketu South but nothing wrong with Bantama.

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They see everything wrong with the next Ewe man who will vote but everything right with the next Ashanti.

Don’t attempt to get us all a clean voters’ register by using ethnic cleansing tactics to wash out Voltarians from the new voters’ register.

Are that desperate for power? Is it that we do not have people in both parties who have divergent views on what is happening?


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What else do we expect after imaginary lines were imposed on our realities?


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