Ghana’s New Voters Register and Minors

Ghana's New Voters Register and Minors

Ghana’s New Voters Register and the possibility of minors finding their way onto the new voters’ register is possible. That is the reality many will quickly want to debunk.

There is an assertion that whiles the NDC gets non Ghanaians onto the register, the NPP gets minors onto it as well. These perceptions are what the EC is intending to deal with for goo.


Ghana, the country perceived as a beacon of democracy in Africa is compiling new voters register ahead if the country’s December 2020 polls.

Per the wisdom of the country, the Electoral Commission, and the verdict of the Supreme court of Ghana, only the Ghana Card, a Ghanaian passport or the guarantee of two newly registered voters may be used to vouch for all Ghanaians who meet the basic requirements to be registered but do not have the required means of identifying them.


However, minors can easily find their way into the voters’ register. This is because the verdict of the Supreme court disapproved of the birth certificate as evidence for registration.


Hence, it is highly possible for minors to be enrolled. All they need is to get two persons who have registered to guarantee that they are of age, thus 18 years or more.


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Will the new voters register survive any likely attempts by political parties to help register minors?


Challenging the registration of new voters suspected to be a minor would be that difficult and how will someone require the birth certificate of a minor who is challenged?

Unless the EC still has its previous challenge form and required documents intact and includes the birth certificate.


The government has been accused by the opposing NDC for attempting to rig the elections. This is because of happening in Ghana so far.


Depending on one’s political affiliation in Ghana, a person may or may not agree with the actions and decisions reached so far.

All things held constant, if the Ghana EC with the ruling of the Supreme court will exclude the old voter’s ID and the birth cert that the opposing party, the NDC was seeking to be included as identification documents, then minors should find their way into the new voter’s register easily.


Ghanaians would have wished in the face of a world pandemic that is still around, the EC would have thought of the safety of the masses but in its wisdom and that of the EC the old voter’s register must be axed from the elections.


Can the Ghanaian Electoral Commission accused of being in bed with the ruling NPP get Ghana credible voters to register according to their quality standards?

You may disagree with me, share your thoughts, and convince me I got it wrong on Ghana’s New Voters Register and the minors issues.


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