New Voters ID Card – Very cheap and ugly, Ghanaians react

New Voters ID Card

Ghanaians have reacted to the look of the new voters’ ID cards after some copies popped up on social media. Some have described it as Very very cheap and ugly.

Others have raised concerns about the quality saying this card won’t be used for long.

I bet you that the real ID card will be the National ID.

Some are of the view that the exercise was a waste of money.

Comparisons have been made with the cards issues by NIA, SSNIT, and the likes and this New Voters ID card’s aesthetic beauty is just bad.

When the NIA, NHIA, and SSNIT are producing biometric plastic cards, the EC after receiving over GHS 800 million is giving us  Ghanaians a useless lamented paper with a QR code. Is this the digital economy Dr. Bawumia is talking about?

Other reactions on the card touched on the challenges facing the economy.


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New Voters ID Card reactions from Ghanaians


Ghana is dependent, reliance in-depth, instead of using our available resources to improve the standard of living of citizens.

We are wasting it on the new voters’ register, whiles some parts of the country don’t have good roads, good networking system.

The Supreme court verdict brought to finality the decision of the EC to compile a new voters ID.

The Electoral Commissions said everyone who registered would get his or her ID instantly.

Ghanaians sincerely never expected the card to be a laminated one.

A new Voter card on display on UTV’s twitter handle generated more questions since the ID number on the card was not hidden.

The NIA card will most likely be the new voter’s card in the very near future.

As it stands, no upgrade of the card 8 years after the previous one. What kind of ineptitude is this?

First division football players’ cards are even better compared to this, and we are disappointed.

Seriously, Ghana is a joke, and we have proved it once again.

The New Voters ID Card is not nice but are we interested in the solution it provides?


I don’t expect you to agree with me. That is why I remain AnanseThrills.

Voters ID Card Voters ID Card


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