Houseparty and other Apps to Connect with Friends


Looking for some new apps to connect with friends and family during this nationwide lockdown? You’re in luck! Software companies are working overtime to spruce up their existing apps and/or create new ones. Everyone has their favorites, of course, but there are so many options out there that you can take your pick.

For group chats, oldies are goodies. Facetime works great if everyone you know owns an Apple product. Anyone with a Gmail account can use Google Hangouts. You may dial into your company meetings with Google Hangouts Meet. If so, download the Chrome browser plugin for the grid view. This way, you can see everyone’s smiling faces on your screen.

Many know may be less informed about Houseparty. Well, Houseparty is another app that allows you to chat with friends and share hand-drawn pictures. Make sure to lock the room you’re in to avoid anyone crashing. And finally, the ever-popular Zoom is great for large group chats. This program can work with any phone or computer so there’s no need for a “blue/green” war! Make sure your call ID is hidden to protect against ZoomBoumbing.

 Instagram has also expanded to add Direct Messaging Feature to Desktop Computers so that it stays relevant 

Looking to meet new friends during quarantine? Bumble can be used to find friends or romantic hookups and dates. This app is different from some of the other dating apps in that it only lets women initiate conversation. If you’re looking to meet international friends and work on a language, download Interpal. This app will connect you to people all over the world. You’ll need to put down your native language. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can start messaging people who are online. Finally, a very new app called QuarantineChat enables meetings with strangers during the lockdown who you can meet up with later.

No matter which app you choose, keeping in touch with other people during this time of isolation is incredibly important for mental health. Humans are social creatures and being stuck inside with no outside contact wears thin quickly. Unfortunately, with the pandemic still raging in many cities around the world and no vaccine in sight, the safest thing we can do is stay home. and use social media and apps like Houseparty to stay connected. So download the app of your choice and start chatting!


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