Why building backlinks is great for websites in 2021

Importance of backlinks

Importance of backlinks Building


Links or backlinks on websites and blogs are great ways for such sites to improve their ranking and credibility. Every website or blog owner who intends to stay relevant in 2021 must start thinking of earning backlinks as part of their SEO strategy.

Obtaining backlinks is also termed as link earning or link building in blogging.

Importance of backlinks on websites and blogs

There’s a lot of factors and reasons why you need valuable links but here are a few that make a link from a website valuable to your website and the future credibility you dream of.

Relevance: Links you get must be related to your content and the niche in which your site is situated. The more education sites link back to your education blog, the better for your site and the more quality the backlink.

Authority & Trust are key ingredients in quality backlink building. A backlink from NewYorkTimes.com  is so powerful than one from a small and new website struggling for traffic.

The diversity of your site is measured by the number of unique websites that link back to your site. Search engines love to rank sites that have more sites linking back to them.

A backlink is basically a URL link to your website from another website. Often if you make a guest post on a website or the website copy’s content from your site, they link back to your site or the content. 

The more of these links you get from very authoritative sites, the better for your site’s Search Engine Optimization and possible ranking on top search engines such as yahoobing and google. 

Hence links or backlinks on websites and blogs show that your website is part of the more useful ranking signals on the algorithms of Google, Bing, and other search engines. Every website needs quality backlinks to help them become useful and relevant to Google and other search engines

The reality is that search engines like Google will list a website in search results for its millions of daily visitors if google finds at least one very good website linking back to your site.

building backlinks is important for websites

Since websites depend on traffic to remain relevant and profitable, higher rankings on search engines mean more visitors visiting relevant useful pages on your site. 

Every good website must have good links from top websites so that they will rank better on Google, Bing, and other big and useful search engine around the world.

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Can you imagine your website site having say 500 links in total on other websites and each of these bringing 5 visitors to your website? That will amount to nearly 2500 visits per day.

This means backlinks of great quality drive in cheap but quality organic traffic to websites. 

If you intend to provide useful content to readers who visit your site, you will soon be noticed by other blogs that may share your content and link back. It is also important that as websites give you backlinks; you check the quality. 

There are instances where people copy your content and decide not to link back. One way to check this is to such for your content on google ones a while using the title or the content to see if other sites have published your content. Follow their URL to see if they linked back. In case they did not link back, send them an email and request them to link back or remove the content from their blogs for copyright violations.

Often after sending this message, most of them will quickly link back.

We hope this useful suggestion for getting quality backlinks to rank better on Google and other search engines will inspire you to work hard at it.

In targeting better ranking signals in Google’s ranking algorithm, remember that quality content is key and will help realize this target in 2021. Quora.com is a hub where you can find great answers to tech-related questions. Take a look at it later

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